OceanCat 30 Biographies

Patrick B. "Pat" Reischmann
President, Florida Catamaran Inc.

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Pat has been involved in boating and sailboat racing for over 35 years, the marine industry for over 22 years and is a USCG veteran.

His experience includes instructional education, retail, brokerage, manufacturing, product development and commissioning of over 300 production and custom sail and power vessels. He has been involved in catamarans exclusively since 1991, has sold and commissioned over 70 sailing catamarans to date.

Daniel J. Avoures, N.A.
President, Ocean Cat, Inc.

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Dan Avoures has had extensive experience in all aspects of the marine industry for over 30 years. A member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers since 1971, Dan has designed both sail and power yachts. Most notably he was involved with a team some 20 years ago that was responsible for the design of one the very first large power catamarans. This design set the standard for many others in the following decades.

Dan owns and operates NOA marine, a full service repair yard, involved in the customizing, renovation and refinishing of yachts to 75 ft. In addition he is president of Daniel J. Avoures and Assoc., Inc. and is principle surveyor and naval architect.