Text Excerpts from Catalac 12M Brochure 

Introducing the Catalac family

Boating is not only about boats - it's also about People. The owners of our Catalacs are special people and not for the obvious commercial reason. Over the years, we have built up an exceptionally close relationship with them all, and as there are now 500 Catalacs, sailing worldwide, we feel this is rather an achievement in itself, one of which we are proud, and cherish highly.

Our motto - "Built by a family, for a family", is very appropriate as the majority of our owners are family people and 1, in turn, am very ably supported by my wife, Mary, and two of our five sons, William and Bruce.

We all believe that selling a Catalac is only about 25% of the equation: the remaining 75% being made up by After-Sales Service and our very strong Owners' 'Club'. This association, known as the B.C.C.A., has prospered and expanded 1_~over the years, as Rallies afloat, Barbecues, Dinners and Meetings are all exceptionally well attended. In fact, there are now four branches, two in the UK, and one in Holland, and this year has seen the development of yet another in Florida, U.S.A.

The company of other families is particularly attractive to the wives, as apart from their own social lives at home, they find they make new friends afloat and their children, too, benefit from a broadening of their education.

What of the Catalacs themselves, you may ask? Well, they are sailing in all parts of the world, and we believe that they have given more comfort, reassurance and happiness to our owners' families and friends than any other craft of a similar size.

A cruising catamaran may not appear to have the same attractive lines as some mono hulls, but we believe in the old saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' since the Catalacs so obviously fulfil the desires and needs of an increasing number of families.

Move up to a 12m Catalac 41

Flagship of the Catalac fleet, the 12m Catalac 41 represents the best design and value for money in large catamarans built on a production-line basis.

Oft quoted press reports concerning catamarans labour the point that they are liable to capsize and have no self-righting capabilities. Whilst this may be true of some of the modern racing multi-hull craft pursuing records or prizes in Atlantic crossings, this is definitely not true of the Catalac range. 'Our underwater hull profile, proven by many thousands of hours of sailing throughout the world by satisfied owners, gives us confidence to make the claim of absolute un-rivalled safety. All this experience is designed into our new 12m Catalac 41. Our hulls are moulded to specifications more exacting than Lloyds of London and finished to a very high standard.

We mould, finish and fit out all the craft at Christchurch. The enormous deck area on the 12m Catalac 41 enables you to sunbathe, relax or read a book in undisturbed comfort and the large working foredeck makes anchoring or any deck duties simplicity itself.

You will also note the dual steering position. The interior position, which lies to port of the main saloon, offers all navigational instruments including compass, echo sounder, wind speed and direction indicators and automatic pilot. The external arrangement provides good visibility all round, easy sight of the internal instruments, and a second control unit for the Autopilot.

Immediately in front of the internal steering console is the large chart table, capable of taking full size charts with ample storage facilities for navigation equipment.

The 12m Catalac 41 offers a seven berth layout in spacious style with furnishing and trimmings to match.

Designed for living in style

Full standing headroom in both hulls and wheelhouse, and of course plenty of room when you sit down to your meal in the main saloon - make entertaining on the Catalac an absolute pleasure. The galley is located in the port hull and offers hot and cold pressurized water, a refrigerator, a four burner hob, oven and stainless steel sink with integral draining board. The central saloon area with its octagonal table has permanent seating for five in luxury on 6 inch thick cushions,

with more than ample elbow room. 3 more occasional chairs (not supplied), one from the chart table, allows full use of the dining table for the extra guests.

Internal wheel house

The interior steering position is just aft of the saloon. Full instrumentation and dual controls for the twin diesels, plus all the desirable navigational aids are standard. Space is also available for a radar display. The helmsman's built-in seat provides a high degree of comfort for any watches spent at the wheel, in the company of those relaxing in the saloon.

12m Catalac 41 sailing characteristics

Nobody can suggest that there is 100% safety at sea, but the 12m Catalac 41 has been thoroughly designed to promote that aspect of cruising above all other considerations. The famous Catalac underwater hull configuration allows the boat to slip sideways when over-canvassed in strong wind conditions; thus creating more leeway rather than the dreaded capsize that others fear.

The low aspect Bermudan sloop rig has been chosen to bring the centre of effort down to give you and your family that added feeling of comfort and safety every time you are caught out in stronger wind conditions than you would normally seek.

Sailing a 12m Catalac 41 is a very rewarding, comfortable experience.

Despite the designed-in safety features the Catalac is by no means a slouch. She will sail easily to 40 degrees off the wind at a steady speed of 7-8 knots in an 18 knot breeze and in stronger conditions can easily maintain a speed of 9-10 knots. Off wind the performance is not bettered, but sail in the Catalac in a 30-40 knot wind, stand upright in the cockpit, walk around comfortably throughout the cabins, make yourself a cup of coffee in the galley, and then look over your shoulder to that similar sized monohull, with stanchions and windows awash, wallowing from side to side, preparing herself for a wild broach or heeling at 35 degrees, their crew harnessed to any available strong point, with an occasional bucket of water being thrown down their necks.

You will compliment yourself on your choice of an extremely comfortable, safe, seagoing sailing yacht, your 12m Catalac 41.

Headsail reefing by ROTOSTAY

The Rotostay reefkit is a heavy duty reefing system of the 'Revolving Stay' type and is included in the standard inventory of all the Catalacs.

Reefkit is a made-to-measure headsail reefing kit which entirely replaces the forestay, bottle-screw, etc. from masthead to sternhead. By supplying a system which not only includes the top and bottom swivels but also the connecting forestay and mast and stemhead toggles we can ensure that your mast is both safely and correctly stayed. All structural components are machined or forged from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

The Reefkit is supplied with a halyard slider which replaces the conventional two-part halyard arrangement and allows the reefing genoa to be hoisted using the existing mast halyard. This arrangement has proved extremely popular with cruiser racers as the headsail can be handled in the conventional way. The luff bolt-rope is fed into the entry section of the Rotostay spar but instead of the sail head being shackled directly to the genoa halliard it is connected via the halyard Slider. The Halliard Slider is basica, hollow swivel that can slide up and down the luff spar. When connected between the sail and the halyard it permits the sail to roll up without twisting the halliard around the spar. The sealed bearing design allows for full luff tensioning using the halliard winch in the normal way. When the sail is to be left furled up for any length of time the halliard can be eased off a little thus relaxing the sail/luff tension.

1. Mainsail: Luff 36'2", Leach 39'4", Foot 17Y, Area 336 sq ft, Colour: Catalac Blue; 4 battens, 2 rows slab (jiffy) reefing, Cloth weight 8 oz/US yd.

2.No. I Rotojib: Luff 40'6", Leach 360", Foot ITY, Area 349 sq ft, Colour: Catalac Blue; Cloth weight 8 oz/US yard.

3.Roto Genoa: Luff 40'6", Leach 36'6", Foot 22'6", Area 410 sq ft, Colour: Catalac Blue; Cloth weight 6 oz/US yard.

The seams on all 12m Catalac 41 sails are glued and double stitched.


12m Catalac 41 specifications

Length Overall: 40ft 10ins
Beam: l7ft 6ins
Draught: 3ft 1in
Weight: 18,500lbs
Sail Areas: See above
Mainsail: 336 sq ft
No l Jib: 349 sq ft
Genoa: 410 sq ft
Rig: Bermudan Sloop
Mast height above waterline: 48'00"
Boat height above waterline : 8'09"

Anodised aluminum mast and boom with Slab (jiffy) reefing on mainsail with winch

2 X 2 speed halliard winches

VHF radio telephone aerial led back to interior console

Standard rigging in 5/16ths and 3/6ths inches

I X 19 SS wire

4 capshrouds; 3 lower shrouds,

7 turnbuckles

Roller reefing headsail system

Polyester running rigging

Main, Jib and Spinnaker Halyards

Burgee and Signal Halyards

Topping lift and kicking strap

Mainsheet and jibsheets with all blocks, tracks and stops

Steaming and decklights

Combined tricolour and anchor lights

Mainsail (with two rows of slab reefing ties)


Rotojib ... all in Catalac blue

Sail cover in blue yacht acrylic

Whisker pole, bearing our spar.

44lb Bruce anchor on sternhead rollers with hand operated deck windlass

60ft of 3/8ths " galvanized anchor chain with 140ft of %" dia anchor warp.

6 large cylindrical fenders

2 X 82ft mooring warps

1 boat hook

Stainless steel pulpit

pushpits with nav. lights

6 mooring bollards

1 anchor bollard

2 X 2 speed jib sheet winches

4 wheelhouse grabrails

Black anodised toerail with stanchions and plastic coated stainless steel wire guardrails

Stainless steel track for safety harness

Flagstaff and deck socket

Stainless steel and teak boarding ladder on transom

2 X 34 hp Yanmar 3HM inboard diesel engines

2 X 46 US gallon fuel tanks

Engine controls panel incorporates: 2 oil pressure and fuel level gauges 2 voltmeters and hour counters 2 tachometers and warning lights

2X 12V batteries supplying internal lights and sockets

2 X 12V batteries solely for engine starting

Autopilot with dual station controls

Twin hydraulic steering stations each with a 24" dia steering wheel and a steering compass

Twin GRP rudders with fixed skegs

Blue antifouling bottom paint

Black boot topping paint

Blue/grey tinted Triplex windows in anodised aluminium frames with sliding or half dropsections

4 cabin top ventilation hatches

3 wheelhouse top ventilation hatches

6 mushroom type ventilators

Windspeed, direction and log indicators

Echo Sounder

Two double cabins with 6'4" X 4'6" berth

Single cabin, one berth 6'4"X3'3"

Twin cabin, one berth 6'4" X 3'3" and the other 6'OX2'3"

Two self contained heads, one with shower and stainless steel holding tank.

Two 68 US gallon capacity stainless steel water tanks coupled to level gauges on the console.

Galley ... complete with ... Stainless steel twin sink with hot and cold pressurised water system.

Stainless steel 4 burner hob.

Built in oven

Propane or 12V operated refrigerator

Octagonal dining table and seating on 6" thick cushions

Chart table with chart drawer and three bureau drawers


Sailing on a summer breeze

Being afloat remains one of the great joys left for most of us to savour and yet at times it can also offer some of the greatest challenges. In our new l2m Catalac 41 we have retained all the traditional elements of cruising but have added further dimensions in terms of safety, accommodation, comfort and when necessary, speed.

Passage making in a l2m Catalac 41 is an exhilarating experience. If the wind pipes up too much, then jib furling gear quickly rolls the headsail around the forestay to shorten sail. And with the benefit of slab reefing on the main, sail handling could not be easier. Instead of heeling and bucking its way through a heavy sea, the Catalac remains a stable platform for all who sail.

Even children who may be bored by long passages can play happily and safely below deck, or in the spacious cockpit. A 12m Catalac 41 will glide you safely and at speed out-performing cruiser/racer monohulls of a similar size. So you arrive in style and comfort.

Cruising in comfort

We do not compromise on sailing performance or comfort in the l2m Catalac 41. Below decks you will find each of the main sleeping compartments and the main saloon finished to a high standard with just the right amount of woodwork to enhance the few functional synthetic finishes we have adopted.

The owner's quarters on the 12m Catalac 41 are very well appointed and include a forward starboard cabin with double berth, a large adjoining dressing room with vanity unit and chest of drawers. To the rear of this is the large shower room and head with hot and cold pressurised water. A second head compartment is positioned in the port hull.

Everywhere there are masses of locker space.