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Yacht Name:  PARALLAX
Year Built / Model Year:  1993/1993
L.O.A:  36'01"
Model:  Corsair 3600
Builder:  Ostac Yachts
USD($) Price:  $189,500  $184,500
Location:  2HDock, FL
Beam:  20'02"
Draft Min/Max:  approx. 3'
Displacement:  approx. 5 tons (dry )
Mast Hgt. Off Water:  approx. 54'
Engine(s):  (2) Volvo Penta 18HP Saildrive (folding props)
Berths:  3 double beds
Staterooms:  3
Heads:  1 on bridgedeck
Fuel Capacity:  45-gallon SS tank (and 12-gallon reserve)
Fresh Water Capacity:  (2) 66-gallon SS tanks in the bow
L.W.L:  35'05"
Bridgedeck Length:  approx. 12'
Wingdeck Clearance:  approx. 2'
Mast Hgt. Off Deck:  48'
Mainsail Area:  456 square feet
Genoa Area:  383 square feet
Jib Area:  271 square feet
Spinnaker Area:  1000 square feet
Other Sail Area:  none
Total Sail Area:  2110 square feet
Designer:  Paul Koch (Owner, Corsair Marine)

On the port side, Parallax has a master cabin forward and a regular cabin aft.

Starboard side has a huge down galley forward and a regular cabin aft. All three double beds use standard sheets.

On the bridgedeck is the navigation station (port), a sink/shower combo (starboard) and a sink/head combo (port), both outfitted with Lewmar portals with external rain shields. A new Wilcox-Crittendon toilet is in the head. The head and shower compartments are FULLY MOLDED INSERTS that eliminate leaks and the need for constant caulking.

The galley is "down" and is LARGE, comfortable and well designed. A large hatch ventilates and an 8' picture window makes time in the galley a pleasure. Having everything away from the salon area means you can relax after dinner and clean up at your leisure. Appliances include a problem-free 12V fridge and four-burner gas stove with oven/broiler. A single SS sink with built-in drain board (16" x 26") and tons of counter space, four drawers and cabinet storage complete the galley layout.

Teak and holly floors are everywhere and there is a lot of teak trim. Cabinets, doors and furniture are made of beautiful Kalantis cedar from New Guinea. The salon table measures 31"x41" and has an additional 31"x20" drop leaf and comfortably seats 6-7 adults. All three cabin doors have zippered canvas privacy doors.

The entire inside roof is carpeted with easy-to-clean, scrub-able carpet that serves as both sound and heat insulation.

All cabins have picture windows, fans and breezy roof hatches overhead.

A sliding aluminum companionway door ingeniously hides under the floor of the cockpit and eliminates the loose doors associated with most other companionways. The cockpit also sports a leather-wrapped, 24" helm, an ultra plush helm seat with adjustable footrest, a remote windlass control, engine controls and a super-handy rudder indicator for docking.

Large screen Furuno LCD 24-mile radar.
Robertson AP2500 hydraulic autopilot with RI101 helm station rudder indicator and Hydrive (New Zealand) hydraulic steering. Big rudders are very wide and 34" long.
Icom model IC-M125 VHF radio.
Garmin 75 GPS (just factory refurbished).
Paneltronics #3204 backlit control panel with 18 breakers.
Mast-top TV/FM power antenna.

A Maxwell windlass with catwalk foot switches and a cockpit remote control make raising the anchor easy for one person, even under very windy conditions.
Photocom solar charge regulator with (2) 51-watt solar panels (3.1 amps each).
Autohelm Tri-data (speed, wind and depth) with navigation station repeater.
Heart 1000-watt inverter with navigation station control panel and external shore power inlet forward.
Two separate battery banks for storage (2x6V) and starting (1x12V) and a 130-amp alternator with three-stage "smart" regulator on the port side.

The hull is vacuum bagged, high density foam core sandwich with Triaxial, Unidirectional and Double Bias glass laminate at the stress points. Outer hull laminations utilize Vinylester resin with Isophthalic polyester elsewhere. NPG gelcoat is used throughout. Vinylester resin is more expensive but is way more resistant to osmosis blistering than polyester resin.

Fabulous interior ventilation via seven topside Moonlighter self-supporting hatches with snap-on Sunbrella sun shields. An eighth hatch conveniently opens from the bridgedeck to the cockpit for ventilation in the rain and to communicate with the helmsman when the companionway door is closed.

Both the bow and stern have watertight compartments for buoyancy and safety.

The interior furniture is laminated to the hull which reinforces the hulls and helps evenly distribute stress.

There are virtually no right angles in the hull. The stylish round edges and curves on deck are expensive to mold and finish but yield a low windage co-efficient and readily disperse breaking seas off the deck. And they look great!

Eight Ronstan 4-wire, 30" stanchions give lots of safety on a rolling deck.

The mainsail is very heavy material and sports eight (8) oversize, oval battens and a serious roach. A big-time mainsail, to be sure! The oval, aluminum Al-spar (Australia) mast is 48' off the deck and set well aft. A 16' oval boom extends to the absolute end of the hull and, combined with fractional rigging, gives you serious power and tacking ability. The mast features the very rigid "double-diamond" spreaders usually found only on much larger boats. The mast has a slight rake which contributes to easy tacking and pointing up.

The working jib is a Yankee-cut Dacron job that works great in crashing seas.

A permanently-mounted, telescoping, 8-foot long spinnaker pole cleverly slides down out of the way when not in use.

Sailing equipment and hardware includes the incredible Harken Battcar system (with 8 cars) which gives you tremendous ease and safety in mainsail control. An oversize Harken 2.0 roller furler does its job from a cockpit line. The addition of expensive Harken backstay adjusters on the 10MM shrouds make for quick and easy adjustments for the competitive-minded and are operated with a winch handle.

All control lines and sheets run back to the cockpit for single handed operation. A double-car Ronstan traveller with 4X purchase is about 10' long. Cockpit-mounted Ronstan jib sheet adjusters and deck-mounted Ronstan jib sheet tracks give you tremendous adjustment potential. A heavy-duty Ronstan preventer is easily attached for extra mainsail control when an unplanned jibe would be catastrophic.

Stainless steel Andersen winches are everywhere. (There are a total of seven winches.) Jib sheets are controlled with #46 two-speeds, the mainsheet has a #40 two-speed, the main halyard a #28 self-tailer, the jib halyard a #28 self-tailer, the boom outhaul a #16 two-speed and the traveler a #16 two-speed.

The folding props are the new, beefy style with the extra zincs. There is a complete spare older assembly on board.

The troublesome Volvo engine-mounted relay setup has been reconfigured into remote, waterproof boxes on the bulkheads.

Stern shower on swim steps with a folding SS swim ladder and SS handholds.

Jenson CD player with separate amp and (2) Bose 151 waterproof speakers.

Bilge pumps in the engine rooms AND keels.

Shurflo water pumps for each water tank feed into a pressure tank. A convenient power washer outlet is on the bow.

Weams and Plathe brass ship's clock and brass barometer.

Suunto lighted cockpit compass.

"Y" valve with port side holding tank.

Convenient "Targa" bar supports two solar panels and also serves as dinghy davits.

A Para-Anchor 15' parachute-style sea anchor with 600' of 5/8" double braid is your offshore "insurance policy." (Other safety equipment includes harnesses, PFDs, an E.P.R.I.B., and two Mobri radar reflectors in the spreaders.)

Ground tackle features 185' of 5/16" BBB windlass chain, a 35-pound Delta, 45-pound CQR-style, 25-pound Danforth, 16-pound Bruce "grappling" anchor, a small aluminum Fortress lunch hook, and tons of extra chain, rode and dock lines. A 3/4" bridle completes the picture and eliminates noise and yawing at anchor.

In a nutshell, Parallax is a luxury performance cruiser built, rigged and set up for serious offshore sailing in the Caribbean and beyond. She should not be confused with so-called "coastal cruisers" with outboard engines, the mass-produced French charter boats that dominate the used catamaran market, or the heavy, prone-to-slam British boats.

When comparing other catamarans to Parallax, please consider the following points, many of which (especially if you are new to boating or buying your first catamaran) would not become apparent to you until AFTER you had already purchased your "dream" boat:

(1) Length-at-the-waterline and beam-at-the-waterline are the TRUE measures of a boat's size and Parallax comes in at 35'5" and 19'9" respectively, which means you get all the boat you are paying for.   Furthermore, a length-to-beam ratio of 11:6 is considered optimal by most designers and produces an extremely stable and seaworthy platform.

(2) The engines are located under the aft cabin beds and make for easy access, especially in inclement weather. The windlass and chain lockers are accessed from INSIDE the boat as well. The batteries are safely located at the nav station ABOVE the bridge deck, away from the engine rooms and about five feet above the waterline. As a result, if by some unfortunate occurrence you should ever take on water, you would continue to have a functioning VHF radio, radar, and mast lights.

(3) Parallax has tremendous storage. The sail lockers and stern lockers are enormous. Inside, the storage areas rival that found on much larger vessels.

(4) The boat's center-of-gravity is just that, in the center of the vessel. The placement of many components more toward amidships than on some other boats (like the windlass, chain, engines, fuel tank, interior storage, batteries, etc.) cuts down on the "hobby horsing" phenomenon peculiar to all catamarans.

(5) The boat has a full 6'2" of headroom throughout. Need I say more?

(6) Sailing the boat in bad weather is both safe and comfortable. The heavy-duty bimini and a dual-zipper dodger combination produce a weather-protected helm seat area. Easily attached side windows further protect the helmsman from wind, rain and seas blowing in on the beam. Most importantly, however, is the layout between the helm area and bridgedeck. You can actually stand INSIDE the boat on the bridgedeck and reach around to the helm at the same time, all the while having 360-degree visibility from inside the boat! (Contrast this cozy scenario with the cold and wet helmsman stationed somewhere out near the stern on many other catamarans.

(7) While the 18hp Volvo diesels may be considered small by some people, each one consumes only 1/2 gallon of fuel per hour at 1800 RPM. Aside from giving you a top speed under power of about 6 knots, you can, while under sail, economically run the leeward engine most of the time, allowing you to "cheat on the point" as well as keep your batteries charged up when consuming power underway. The engines are sea water cooled which means lots fewer hoses and clamps to leak and maintain and, of course, no radiators to ever deal with. The starboard engine compartment has a stainless  steel heat exchanger for hot water. There is also about $2000 worth of spare parts on board, including a complete prop assembly, top end kits, and filters.

(8) Parallax truly sails like no other boat its size and, in fact, will outsail many of the heavy cats in the 40-44 foot range. The boat is strong but very light and has an incredible spar with a big-time mainsail, jiffy reefs, and lazy jacks. Single-handing is easy in winds up to 25 knots and heavy seas. (I have personally single-handed this boat as far as Venezuela and spent 7 years down in the trade winds and can honestly say that I don't think I could have done what I did in any other 36-footer!)

(9) The foam-core construction makes Parallax unsinkable and, of course, gives you and your loved ones an attractive alternative to bobbing around on the high seas in a little dinghy.

(10) As boats go, Parallax is a relatively low maintenance vessel. There is no teak on deck, the diesels are easy to work on, and most mechanical and electrical systems are easily accessible.

IN CONCLUSION: Parallax is a truly special boat. Built in Australia by some of the finest sailors in the world for the demanding conditions of the South Pacific, she is fast, safe and very comfortable.

Best of luck in your search.

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