Catamaran & Trimaran Multihull Netting, 
Trampolines, Sails, Masts & Rigging

The suppliers listed below are known for their multihull efforts. Click on their names to go to the best in catamaran and trimaran netting, trampolines, sails, masts and other rigging products.

ATN, Inc. - Home of the very widely used ATN Spinnaker Sleeve, Tacker, and Gale Sail. These products are used worldwide by multihull racers, cruisers and novices alike to improve their performance and fun.

Calvert Sails - These people are widely known for their custom-built, with an emphasis on performance, multihull sails. Visit their site and then order what you need. You won't be disappointed.

Easy Tacker - helps any catamaran tack easily. Easy Tacker is a pair of small sliding joints which engage only the windward rudder when tacking. This allows the leeward rudder to follow freely around the turn. All you notice is that your cat tacks faster and easier.

Kent Sails - We are an established UK sail loft and pride ourselves on quality and service. International orders welcome.

Sunrise Yacht Products - Netting is often the most visible part of a multihull, and counts for a significant percentage of usable deck area. SUNRISE YACHT PRODUCTS manufactures nets that enhance the appearance of your boat as well as provide safe, reliable, functional surfaces.

The Smyth Team - Great Sails and Carbon Masts! We're here to enhance your multihull sailing experience.  Let us share our decades of innovation in multihull sail design to deliver what you desire in performance. Randy limits his sail design to Multihull sailboats only. 

Catamaran & Trimaran Multihull Netting, Trampolines, Sails, Masts & Rigging