Catamaran & Trimaran Multihull Generators by Fischer Panda

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Extremely small, light, and quiet Diesel Gensets

Thank you for your interest in Fischer Panda, the following information will help to make you more familiar with our features. For nearly 20 years these German generator sets have been the European leader in generator technology. In 1986, a 100% water cooled electric plant was developed in harmony with reliable high speed light weight diesel power. This innovation allowed for many advantages over the old fashioned air cooled electric plants. Another innovation is the addition of our patented VCS (voltage control system). This feature, standard on all models from the 4-"plus" and larger, stabilizes the engine RPM and voltage under all load conditions which results in greater efficiency and output.

COMPACT SIZE By utilizing a small water cooled housing, the large surface area required by an air cooled unit was eliminated. Our water cooled housing is the diameter of the diesel engine's maximum width which enabled a shorter electric plant. Also, by not requiring "cooling air" space, the generator is much smaller. In some instances, we are as much as 70% smaller than our competitors for a comparable size generator set!

LIGHTWEIGHT Our smaller electric plant only requires a small, efficient, high speed diesel engine. Weight savings over our competitors range from 25% to 60%! This weight savings is certainly helpful for boat trim but your installers will like the low weight as well.

QUIET Eliminating the need for cooling air flow, a 3-piece insulated fiberglass sound shield was developed to seal off the offensive sound. This standard shield requires no assembly, is easy to remove for routine service and is non-corrosive. Our decibel ratings are exceptionally small, most of our generators have the noise level of normal conversation!

EFFICIENT Unlike an air cooled grnerator, our water cooled unit loses far less KW efficiency as the generator warms up during normal use. We are not recycling more hot air, rather our unit always has a flow of cool water to dissipate heat. In addition to the day to day efficiencies, our water cooling eliminates the dirt and oil buildup on the electric windings that eventually damage an air cooled unit. We also find in many instances our smaller KW units are so efficient that we will often replace a larger, less efficient air cooled unit. Our small diesels use less fuel and produce fewer emissions.

PRODUCT SELECTION Our line of 10 Fischer Panda marine AC models from 4KW to 45KW gives you the choice to best fit your particular needs. Of special note, any of our generator sets can be paralleled with another for greater flexibility. We offer five EPM Models (our pure DC series) that work in harmony with a battery bank and inverter system. This EPM DC series would also make an excellent addition to an electric car. We also have a motor coach/RV series, our PVMV-N models. These seven models ranging in size from 4kW to 20kW feature all the standard Panda benefits, plus other unique advantages, making them ideal for use in high-end motor coach use. The PVMV-N series is also used in Europe for TV satellite truck use because of its nearly pure sine wave electrical output. Fischer Panda Generators has a model for virtually every application requiring a state of the art generator set.

COSTING Yes, these major benefits do cost more, however, the knowledgable person who has owned a noisy air cooled generator will understand these advantages and recognize that benefits will cost more. For every benefit there is a cost. When the benefits exceed the cost, we call it progress. And the most progressive generator in the world is Fischer Panda.

Due to continuing product development, all specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

Panda 4 "mini"
3.8 KW - 227 lbs. - 1 Cylinder Farymann Diesel
Very successful standard genset. Equipped with Dual-Voltage System "DVS". Extremely compact size, low weight, and quiet operation. Will power up to 16,000 BTU of air conditioning and other small appliances.
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Panda 4 "plus"
4.0 KW - 240 lbs. - 1 Cylinder Farymann Diesel
All of the great features of the mini with the addition of a freshwater cooled heat exchanger for the diesel inside the capsule, VCS standard, air intake mixing fan, spin on oil filter and oil cooler.
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Panda 6
6.4 KW - 318 lbs - 2 Cylinder Kubota Diesel
A genset with extraordinary silent running - the quietest in its class. Even when lower output is needed, the Panda 6 is often used in order to reach the best possible sound insulation and most silent running. VCS standard.
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Panda 8
7.8 KW - 351 lbs - 3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel
The small, compact Panda 8 fills the power gap between the Panda 6 and Panda 10. The smooth running 3 cylinder engine with standard VCS guarantees a high output and extremely quiet operation. A highly versatile
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Panda 10
9.0 KW - 420 lbs - 3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel
This generator has a superb power to weight ratio due to its 3-cylinder lightweight diesel and VCS coupled with a high output in a tiny package.
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Panda 12
12.4 KW - 481 lbs - 3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel
Using a Kubota 3-cylinder model 905 engine, the P-12 offers unequaled power in a compact package. With the standard patented VCS, the 12 may, in some cases, replace a larger gen set due to its efficient output for its size. Compare this 12 with others on the market, and you'll see why the P-12 is a favorite.
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Panda 15
14.0 KW - 563 lbs - 3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel
The P-15 provides high power with its VCS coupled in a small package, perfect for boats requiring larger KW output with installation and service space problems. A great alternative to the usual big, heavy, and loud normal generators available.
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Panda 20
19.0 KW - 644 lbs - 4 Cylinder Kubota Diesel
A smooth 4-cylinder diesel powers the highly efficient water cooled electric plant and VCS. This generator is approximately the same physical size as most commonly used 8 KW gen sets! Easily the most powerful gen set in its size and weight class.
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Panda 30
32 KW - 1056 lbs - 4 Cylinder Perkins Diesel
Extremely compact design with an outstanding power to weight ratio. Even for a large gen set, the P-30 provides quiet operation in harmony with its high output VCS controlled electric plant. And compare the small size of the P-30 to any other 30 KW on the market, the Panda is the smallest!
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Panda 45
42 KW - 1199 lbs - 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel
High output turbo power coupled with an efficient water cooled electric plant. Perfect for the larger yacht with limited space in the engine room. The P-45 provides the VCS controlled power, yet allows for easier maintainance and the usual Panda quiet operation. Again, compare its output and size with any other gen set in this size range, the difference is amazing!
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Catamaran & Trimaran Multihull Generators by Fischer Panda