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A Review of: January/February 2003
On the Cover: Artist Marshall White’s rendering of Star Gypsy


• Manta Catamarans Introduces New Model
• London Boat Show’s Design Contest Awards 1st Prize to New Zealand Designer

• Scimitar’s Windvane Self-Steering for Cats
• Taylor Made Introduces Rainbreaker Glass Treatment
• Folding Propeller Now Available in Four-Blade Version
• New, More Powerful Hatch-top AC is Introduced

• Edwards Enjoys MM, by Tom Edwards
• Mono-Minded, by Jess Berndt
• Close Call, by Walter Giger

Corinne’s Culinary Corner:
Meatloaf by Corinne Kanter

• 1-2-3 Meatloaf
• Crescent Meatloaf
• String Cheese Meatloaf
• Chili Meatloaf
• Meatloaf - Your Choice

Bird Messes On Board Driving You Crazy? ...You’re Not Alone by Ava Burgess
What to do when those birds make a mess out of your anchored or moored boats.

Electrics: Heavy-Duty DC Circuit Components - Part II by Kevin Jeffrey
Part II takes a look at the various heavy-duty battery switches currently available and how best to use them.

Electric Propulsion on a Hobie Cat by Kean W. Stimm
Stimm, with an eduction in engineering, designs an electric propulsion system to avoid the high price and noise of an outboard engine.

SO12217-2 by Nico Boon
What is it? A secret language?
For years there has been silence. But, all the time people have studied and worked on an international standard for recreational craft. In ’02 the text of a series of regulations became final on the subject: Small craft stability and buoyancy assessment and categorization.

Tropical Low Island Adventures by Jim Howard
Expectations and experience don’t prepare us for a lot of tropical venues where islands protrude only barely above sea level and are often surrounded by reefs lying just below the surface.

How to Fly by Keith Woods
Out of Lisbon and heading to Cape Sao Vincente in the high summer with the Portuguese Trades blowing straight from the north... Now that’s how to fly!

Want to Sail Someplace Else? by Earl Beard
TI’ PUNCH takes a ride on Super Servant 3, a yacht transport vessel, as they head for Newport.

Cruising the Coast of France by Peter Nice
Tigger takes a summer cruise from Poole across the English Channel and then to France for some coast hopping.

Going on Safari by Clint Clemens
This boat LIKES to go fast. Totally in control! The engineering is superb, the construction flawless ...all the right curves in the right places... Damn this boat is something to drool over!

MALIHINI by Doug Gibson
MALIHINI, a 30-foot open bridgedeck catamaran, designed by John Shuttleworth and built by Doug and Sharon Gibson in their backyard, performs with style and grace.

Sailing Hawaii “Island Style” by Richard Messina
Richard Messina and wife Connie do some daysailing and exploring in the beautiful waters of Hawaii in their Moku, (boat) Star Gypsy.

About the Cover Artist, Marshall White by Connie Rigdon
Connie gives a biography on the talented artist whose work is featured on the cover.


By Accident and Design by Chris Doyle
Chris Doyle takes us on the tour of his 42-foot catamaran that was designed to be simple and spacious.

Unique Sailing Catamaran by Alistair Wood
A radical cruising catamaran designed to provide wheelchair accessible hands-on sailing for people of all abilities has recently started sea trials in the Solent.

The Windsurfing Catamaran by Dr. Enrique Petrovich
The unique feature of this design is the shock dampening rig, which limits slamming, plowing, and prevents capsizing.

A Designers Diary by Derek Kelsall
A number of improvements in the de-tail of KSS have come about during the year. A fund of ideas keep emerging from the workshops, helping to improve the lot of the catamaran builder.

Wilderness 1480
Schionning Designs develops a pre-cut KIT for a customer that wanted a bigger boat for his growing family.

Horizon Catamarans c.c. Parlay 40
The Parlay 40 was designed by Alex Sim-onis and built by Horizon Catamarans. The Parlay 40 is a durable, fast blue-water cruising cat. She combines high performance, style, and comfort, and is well suited to private ownership or the charter trade.

TOM (Twinboard Over Marine) is a floating concept of surfboards combined into the structure of a cat.


The RACE Press Conference
A meeting held at the Paris International Boat Show to promote the upcoming 2004 event.

Key Largo Steeplechase by Jill Nickerson
Through waves and mud this is no holds barred fight to the finish.

Catamaran Daggerboards by Greg Tarjan
A brief discussion that illustrates the basic virtues and few drawbacks of daggerboards on multis as well as their active and passive safety aspects

Ian Farrier Discusses an Anti-Capsizing System

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