Sailing Vacations: Wedding on a Catamaran

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May 25, 2007

Just recently a surprise wedding was done on a Lagoon 440 "Ciao Italia" in the gorgeous British Virgin Islands. Sailing Vacations are impressive on their own, but the newlyweds will truly remember this one. They were so impressed with The Catamaran Company's Charter Staff that they wrote a thank you letter commenting on the great experience they had:

"Joann, Just a quick note with photo to says thanks to you and the staff at Catamaran Company for a great trip. Everyone in the office was supportive, helpful and professional! The added "surprise wedding" was pulled off without a hitch. According to Heather from BVI Weddings our ceremony on the front of the boat was a first for her!" - Susan King

Memorable and unique experiences like these are what our goal is on each and every sailing vacation.