The Multihull Resources

These research resources comprise 100s of pages and 1000s of images of catamaran and trimaran information. The resources increase almost daily and we think are and will increasingly be the most reliable and extensive archives of multihull information available on the web or anywhere! 

The Gallery - Catamaran and trimaran models with 1000s of images, articles, manufacturer brochure extracts, model information sheets, and more!

The Library - Dozens of interesting, informative and fun multihull articles and extracts. You'll soon find .pdfed manufacturers brochures, ( we have 100s in our files), and maybe even whole books.

Some consider the following archives' 100s of spec sheets and images their most important research center. When boats leave the For Sale section, they end up in the following collections:

Sailing Catamaran Sold/Off Market Archives
Power Catamaran Sold/Off Market Achives
Trimaran Sold/Off Market Archives

Search the Web - Our search page features what we think are the best resource(s) to search the web. You'll also get a chance to see how great we do in ranking with the popular search engines.

Ask The Experts - Stymied? Stumped? Ask our captain, surveyor, broker, documentation, insurance, electronics, financing, refit and other experts a question by E-mail. Please - the question should be pertinent and not too general.

Virtuality - Here we go. Slide shows, 360s, maybe some video, screensavers. We think you'll have a great time here.

Video - View the latest presentations on new multihulls, interviews with industry experts and general insights into the catamaran industry.