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boat charity    National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation

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The National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit Florida corporation, incorporated in the year 1987 for the purpose of preservation of marine life and concentrating its efforts on endangered species, oceans and waterways. Education is the primary goal, In hopes to guarantee the children of tomorrow the benefits of our existing environment that we enjoy today.

The Foundation's main goal is supporting active field groups, in most cases volunteers who spend endless hours applying themselves to hands-on application in the uphill battle to preserve the fragile ecosystem. With more individuals, corporations and governments being involved in our active programs, we are making some headway.

Programs of this magnitude are expensive and without a doubt take time and money. Most of our volunteer groups rely solely on donations and the support given them by the generous donors and support groups like the National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation, Inc.

The yacht donation program accomplishes three things:

(1) It allows the groups in the field access to vessels used in research.

(2) It gives the groups an opportunity to teach and train children and young adults in a hands-on environment, In all cases the environment they are striving to preserve.

(3) The funds obtained through our lease charter programs that come from vessels that cannot be used in the program are passed on to the active groups to educate the young people involved.

Sufficient funding will allow the many programs we support to sustain and further the preservation of our marine life that frequent our oceans and waterways. Your donation Is very important to us. All your concern about the environment is most appreciated.

For answers to your frequently asked yacht sales 
and donation questions, please click here.