Prout Panther 64 Power Catamaran

Prout Panther 64 Power Catamaran 
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shallow draft

Presence...very few boats have it.

And nothing will prepare you for the sheer scale and magnificence of the Panther 64, Prout's latest and most glorious creation.

Developed in harmony with Prout's North American distributors, the new vessel optimises the highly successful formula of the Panther 61 and in so doing, has further advanced Prout's global domination of the luxury powercat market.

Compare the space onboard the Panther 64 and compare it to a mono hull of similar length... there's no contest. This cat has nearly double - and it's useable space, too. Space in which Prout's craftsmen have created truly luxurious cabins throughout the boat - all with outstanding headroom. It's a far cry from the comprised living conditions of a monohull with its deep ' V ' forward sections and flaring bows. The cat has all the options: Stability and Comfort - both at sea and at anchor - something no monohull can offer.

The Panther 64 is motor yacht of great refinement, ocean crossing seaworthiness and cruise - liner stability.

Her shallow draft - an incredible three foot at rest and eighteen inches when on her foils - means you go where you please:right on to those enticing beaches or far up rivers where a monohull will never visit.

Find solitude when you need it... it's all so much more civilised.

Design Efficiency

The Powercat concept, pioneered by Prouts over three decades ago, has proved irresistible to commercial operators. It provides a stable, shallow draft hull configuration which delivers extraordinary fuel economy. Yet another powerful reason to choose Panther.

 The Panther 64 Has It All

Unbridled luxury

The inspired interior of the extraordinary Panther 64 has been created by world-renowned interior designer, Ken Freivokh. He has created boldly original, even dramatic, accommodation without compromising in any way the performance of the interior or the functional requirements of a successful design.

It is a magic world of light, style and unashamed luxury, a realm of exotic veneers, exquisite fabrics and soft furnishing. Imaginative, reactive lighting can be varied and fine tuned to suit the mood or moment.

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Manufacturer's Standard Specifications [10/2000]


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