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First Off: In General

The Gross (Total) commission on all yacht sales is 10% of the selling price.

The commission split between participating brokers is predetermined amongst brokers, but never adds up to more then the 10% gross (total) commission.

The traditional split of the 10% gross (total) brokerage commission is 70/30:
1. 7% of the gross selling price goes to the buying side (The Brokerage representing the Buyer.)
2. 3% goes to the selling side (The Brokerage representing the Seller.)

Usually the individual salesperson (Broker) splits their side of the commission (Buyer, Seller, or sometimes both.) evenly with the house 50%/50%.

This is "in general" and by no means represents every split arrangement in the Industry.

Second: The Basic Differences

Central Listing Agreement: (10% commission on the gross selling price.)

The Central Listing Agreement authorizes the Broker "the exclusive right to sell and therefore authorized to manage the sale of the yacht". This means that the central listing broker will see to all the details involved in the sale and marketing of the yacht.

This includes, but is not limited to: Most importantly is to advise the Seller on all matters with the Seller's interest in mind, do market analysis, compose spec. sheets, coordinate pictures, marketing materials, advertise the vessel and expose it to the buying public, provide consultation with regard to the marketability of the yacht, arrange and coordinate all showings, inform and help other brokers to sell the boat, supervise closing, and on & on.

The Broker will spend money and time on a Central Listing!

Open Listing Agreement: (10% commission on the gross selling price.)

The Open Listing Agreement only authorizes the Broker to participate in the sale of the yacht.

The Broker receives his/her commission only if they produce a buyer for the boat and perform the necessary duties to bring the sale to completion.

Normally the Broker will spend much less money and time, if any at all, on an Open Listing. This is basically because "anybody, and everybody, can be authorized to sell the boat".

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