The 2Hulls "For The Trade" Program
(This Program is for both multihull and monohull trade members)

Many of you have asked that we use the power of our very popular web site to help promote and grow your businesses. Our website has to be one of the better, if not the best, multihull sales and service web sites out there. And our statistics show the results. Furthermore, much of this program should be attractive not just to the multihull trade but also to the monohull trade. Our mailing list alone can and will support both worlds.

So we have set up a two tiered program to help you, and us, use the power of our marketing. Please read the whole page to understand the full impact of what we are doing for you ... and for us.

The Reciprocal Links Program

We've put up what we think is the best reciprocal links system going. It's easy to use and maintain your links. And it will become one of the most comprehensive links list for the trade out there.

Our goals with the Reciprocal Links Program are:

1 - Popularity ... First and foremost we want to increase both your and our search engine popularity rankings. As you probably know, most of the search engine placement tricks don't work anymore. Those tricks can even get you banned from a search engine. Content & Popularity have become all important to your search rankings. We can't help with your content but we sure can with your popularity.

2 - Traffic ... We think you'll see an increase in traffic, particularly well qualified traffic, to your website and to ours. And that's what web marketing is about. Not just traffic but also well qualified traffic.

This program is open to everyone and is easy to do. So go do it now but don't forget to come back here to read about our 2Hulls Associates Program for marketing and sales well beyond a links program alone. We also want you to send us a bit of information in the form at the bottom of the page.

Click here right now to place your reciprocal link

Now read about the second, and most important program.

The 2Hulls Associates Program

We've had an informal Associates program for awhile. And it has done well for those in it. We are now expanding it to include more of you. Here are the details.

1 - We'll put you on the appropriate Associates page with a short description about you.

2 -  Then your description will link to an Associate Specific page specific which we will build from your web text and images. That page will point out the highlights of what you do and contain a short form at the bottom. Please do not submit the form at the bottom.

3 - When the form is submitted, our server will automatically forward it to both of us. You've got some qualified prospect information immediately. The Associate Specific page makes it clear that another page, the Associates Form Response page, is going to pop up to give the prospect all of your contact information and a link to your web site. The prospect has almost instant gratification!

That's it but what's the catch? There are several.

We want need a fee from Associates except for those whose trade ethics preclude a fee like marine surveyors and maybe documentation agents. That fee should be reasonable and you have a place in the form below to indicate what "reasonable" is.

When you consider what these fees should be, please think about the following.

...... Most of the people who use one of our Associates end up calling us for support and hand-holding ... and we do our best to give them that support.

...... We will be using our +10,000, opt-in mailing list, at our option, to further promote our Associate's services. You might even want us to do a mailing to make them a special offer. We can talk about that when you need one done.

...... As new associates come aboard, you will be mentioned on what may be the most popular page in our web site - The Latest page.

...... And more like mentioning you when we are talking to clients, or showing boats on our dock, or whenever and whatever. The point this is a marketing program, not just a referral program! Once again you may want to see our reach by reviewing our statistics.

Better yet - these fees are not a one way street. We will pay you 10% of any commission received by 2Hulls for a referral that results in a sale of a boat to someone not already in our data base. We suspect that many of you will make more money on these referrals to us than we make on any fees you pay us. Please note that your fees are on the honor basis. You will need to keep track of who we sent you to keep up with this. Please do so on a timely basis.

Finally, in closing, we need to make the point that we believe that 2Hulls has developed a reputation for dealing openly, informatively, directly and honestly. We tell our clients that our Associates are committed to the same and that our Associates will treat our clients with special care and attention. In some cases, you may even want to give those clients a special deal but that is up to you.

We hope this has been informative and simple, and that we will all benefit. We thank you for reading this. If you are interested in being a 2Hulls Associate, please fill out and submit the form below.

 Please fill out the form at the following link.