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Yacht Name:


Year Built/Model Yr.:

1999 (New)




Searunner 40 Day Charter Catamaran 
USCG Certified 49


Tapestry Marine

USD($) Price:

$249,000   $199,000


2Hulls Dock, Fort Lauderdale



Draft Min/Max:

3’00” at full load


10,800 lbs. Light18,800 lbs. Loaded


1 x 25HP Mercury Outboard




John Marples

Hulls constructed of 6 layers of 3mm (1/8”) Okume 1088 Marine grade plywood, cold molded with epoxy and vacuum bagged over a male mold using the Brown/Marples Constant Camber method. All framing is clear Douglas Fir and all decking is 12mm (1/2”) and 18mm (3/4”) Okume 1088 Marine Plywood. The hull and deck are completely covered with fiberglass cloth saturated with epoxy and all exposed wood is saturated with epoxy. The vessel is built to a set of USCG approved plans with regular inspections by the USCG during construction.

Aluminum Spar stepped on deck with a compression post
Fully Batten Main by UK Sails with Antal (BOC type) sail track and slides.
Winches by Antal

Profurl Furling Gear on self tacking jib.
All standing rigging of 316 stainless
Wheel Steering (hydraulic) with standby tiller backup
Anchors: 25lb Danforth & Delta anchors/chain/rode
Three fenders

Electrical/Navigation System
12-volt electrical panel w/ shore power plug in.

Navigation and running lights- port, starboard, stern steaming, anchor, and deck lights (USCG approved)
Dome lights in cabins
2 Compasses/light
Battery Charger & Two Batteries- one start, one house
Audible bilge alarm in each hull

Hatches & Ports
Two Lewmar access hatches (one in each foredeck)
Water tight compartment (forward compartment)
Six 6” inspection ports in each cabin sole
Three Lewmar port lights in each hull

Tri-color paint scheme
Two coats of premium quality bottom paint
Vessel Name on each bow with USCG approved lettering
Vessel Name and home port on stern with USCG approved lettering
Interior paint with anti-mold additives

Safety Equipment
6 Adult, 2 child USCG approved PFD’s (commercial)
Two fixed and two portable bilge pumps
Visual/audible bilge alarm at helm

USCG required fire extinguishers
USCG approved flare kit
Life ring and lanyard as required by USCG
Search light
Ships bell & horn

Other Equipment
Sled type motor mount
1- 4 cycle Outboard—25 hpMercury Bigfoot

USCG approved &  inspected internal fuel tank- 32 gals.
USCG approved life rails
Forward trampoline between bows
One marine toilet with holding tank & deck pump out
Vanity and Galley stainless sinks w/Whale “Gusher” hand pumps

Builder Comments

Total Performance
Any potential owner–a charter operator, or a cruising sailor– is interested in a boat’s performance. It helps to think of Searunner Total Performance as a series of parameters, constants that vary with the circumstances. These are some of the most important:

Sailing Performance––
SEARUNNERS are “sea-proven” designs. They have the speed, and maneuverability, to meet the demands of serious long-range seafaring and commercial operation. All of the vessels in the series, from the smallest to biggest, feature:

• High wing clearance to avoid wing pounding even when heavily loaded.
• Practical rigging, and sail options (including high performance) are integrated in each design. 

• “Reef-cruncher” low aspect keels provide for excellent windward performance and allow Searunners to be operated off the beach. 

• Fixed rudders made possible by the keel design so that unreliable “kickup” rudders are not required.   

Load-carrying Performance––
For the day-charter operator, having the most U.S. Coast Guard approved passenger carrying capacity for a given boat size means more flexible and thus more efficient operation.  In term charter operation, spacious interiors are easily equipped to suit any intended service. Both crewed and bare-boat charters can be accommodated at any level of amenity.  Most important of all–– If conditions of service change, Searunners can be more easily modified because of their basic construction. For the serious world cruising sailor, they can carry the load and offer sea-keeping competence under the widest variety of conditions. 

Cost Performance–– 
cost is very important to the operator because return on investment (ROI) depends in large part on minimizing the up-front cost of the vessel. Considered as a business, any boat in commercial use depends on having as short a “buy-back period” as possible (this refers to the payback of initial cost of vessels financed with private or financed investment capital). A successful charter operation is one that proceeds from a situation where debt service is a dominant expense to a place where the vessel is “paid off.”  This is because debt service on the vessel is typically one of the largest item of expense during the early years of a charter business.

Operating cost, the second element of the cost equation, includes daily manpower requirements, cost of maintenance, and repair/replacement costs of sails and major equipment like engines. As any charter operator will tell you not all boats have the same operating costs. Each of the foregoing is vitally dependent on the details of design and construction. 

Searunner Catamarans are designed to offer the most boat for the money in all respects. Consider the following: 

• Wood/Epoxy composite construction as applied in the construction of Searunner Catamarans results in immensely strong tough boats. Wood, a naturally replaceable resource, has physical characteristics that make it ideal for boat building. Its strength, stiffness, lightweight and resistance to fatigue give wood advantages over other materials. In combination with Epoxy a space age adhesive/moisture barrier, it is possible to make a very long lasting durable structure. This built-in durability means much higher returns over the life of a vessel used as a revenue-producing asset. 

• Construction cost advantages flow not only from the building method’s superior structural attributes but also from lower mold and shop setup costs. Final finishing is expedited because hull and panel finishing is less labor intensive.  And, It doesn’t stop here. Even the installation of deck hardware, masts and rigging are all cost enhanced by the nature of the wood composite construction. All of these savings can flow through to the bottom line— Searunners, feature for feature, have a lower initial cost to the buyer.  

• U.S. Coast Guard Certification as a cost advantage–– It makes very good sense for any multihull built today to be certified for passenger carrying for hire. This is because even boats that were originally intended for cruising or racing are often sold into the charter trade.  Boats sold with a going charter business attached can really enhance the price of a vessel on the used market.  For this reason it pays to think about “certification.” 

These are just some of the reasons we think Searunners offer the best combination of Total Performance on the market today. 

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