The Guillerm family's voyages were always planned around the seasons and job opportunities in different countries. To begin with Philippe did many different jobs: Navigation teacher, manager of a Nautical Sports Store and even a horse riding instructor. But for many years now he has made their living at what he does best - sculpting and design. Yaya_1_640.jpg (26709 bytes)
Philippe Guillerm is an artist who specializes in big wood murals. His work has been enriched by the artistic cultures of each country he has visited and by his knowledge of different woods world-wide.
Dolphins_1_640.jpg (33238 bytes)
"Sillage II"
3' x1'6" - $800.00
Feeding fish_640.jpg (29636 bytes)
"La Fin"
Through the porthole_640.jpg (27710 bytes)
"I' Oubli"
Powerboat_640.jpg (24650 bytes)
"Power Boat"
It has also been inspired by his own life experiences. He has evolved a very successful technique of assembling different essences of wood and giving them movement and expression.
Osmosis_640.jpg (30000 bytes)
3' x 16"-$1000.00
Requin_640.jpg (22618 bytes)
15"x4" - $150.00
Cachette_640.jpg (18990 bytes)
18"x8" -$400.00
Camouflage_640.jpg (27897 bytes)
15"x12" -$400,00

Metamorphosis_640.jpg (25682 bytes)
3' x 10"- $1000.00

He creates sculptures that people treasure, not for their monetary value, but for their harmony and beauty. His approach is always that of an artist, he starts with sketches and then moves to scale models. All Sculptures, regardless of size or purpose, are a composition of form, color and movement. Marlin_640.jpg (31442 bytes)
"Marlin"- 1' x 6"  $350.00
Handles_640.jpg (25860 bytes) Philippe and his family now live in Ft. Lauderdale, where they are establishing a business and a new life. Philippe is selling his art on the internet and also in several exhibitions in Florida. Murals, interior boat design and decoration, sculptures and boat accessories can be purchased or commissioned.
Carangue_Handle_640.jpg (21694 bytes) Hammerhead_Handle_640.jpg (18036 bytes) Shark_ Handle_640.jpg (19392 bytes) Whale_Handle_640.jpg (20018 bytes)

Handles - Mahogany or Walnut - $100.00 - 12" x 3"
Handles - Teak, Cherry or Maple - $200.00 - 12" x 3"

All sculptures are available in different sizes or woods.

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