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"Dolphin Handle"

During this last Miami Boat Show (02/2001) we discovered that although we were offering two superb new boats for sale, people were more interested in the handles mounted in the stairwells than in anything else. We met with the artist and hence the inclusion of this page on our web-site. Please read all about Philippe, his family and his work.
What makes a person decide to travel the world in a sail boat? Well, some people think that is the best way to get to know other countries and cultures, other do it for the freedom, but for Philippe Guillerm, it was the best way to educate his artistic senses. Every stop around the globe was a voyage of discovery into new art form.

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"Six Voiles"

Philippe is not some pirate adventurer but a man who has the courage and self-discipline to center his life around his two passions: art and sailing. And like his father before him he is enjoying passing some of his skills on to his children. He was six years old when his father taught him to sail an "Optimist" - a little training boat which has schooled many a little sailor.
As a teenager he took up windsurfing for several years before finally getting his first Real boat, "Detritus" - a 15 ft dinghy with no ballast and no engine. His first big trip was from Biarritz, Southwest of France to the Canary Islands, with a stop at every port in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. It was the first leg of a journey into a new lifestyle. After 2000 miles to the Canary Islands, he sold Detritus to the Santa Cruz de La Palma Yacht Club. Courage rewarded, he skippered a beautiful 35 ft. Swan home to France.

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2'x 1'6"

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"Catamaran Glisse"

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After his experience with big boats he bought a 1906 wooden boat and in it he explored the Mediterranean for a year. He returned to France and worked as a manager in a big Dealership, saving every penny for his next dream boat. A year later he had his " Jonathan", a 33 ft. Plywood Gancel Catamaran. Now it was time to see the world.
He crossed the Atlantic and was delighted to see the coast of Brazil  the country of Samba, Sun, Fun and thieves. Yes, Philippe was robbed, by someone who didn't know that all he had in the world was in that boat. But Philippe is a philosopher and chose to look on the bright side. He met some wonderful people and they helped him to retrieve a few of his belongings. He continued his journey. In French Guyana, North of Brazil, he stopped to work to replace all the equipment which had been stolen from him.

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"First Element"
1'x27" - $620.00

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"Philippe at work"
He also found a wife in this country! Jacqueline and her parents were seasoned travelers and they had only been in Guyana for four months when Philippe sailed into her life. She was born in Belgium in 1967, but raised in Africa and Brazil. She did not hesitate to continue her traveling life with her enchanting prince. They lived and worked in French Guyana for 2 years before leaving for the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
They now have 2 daughters. Monique, the oldest, was born in Brazil and Swanne, the youngest, in New Caledonia, a small French Island near Australia. These girls were raised on the boat and taught to love nature, animals and freedom. Also to respect people of different cultures. 

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"The Yaya"

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Every day for five hours they were home schooled using the French C.N.E.D. system. Special language classes were given as well, and they now speak Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

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