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BROKER - Greg Robinson 
In '97 Greg left Zululand Yacht Club, Richards Bay, South Africa, to cross the Atlantic Ocean with his wife, Carol, in their 36' steel cutter, Carlin. They sailed to South America via St. Helena, a highlight being a cruise up the Amazon.

Armed with the knowledge of all the latest technologies, he will provide personal assistance in selecting the right equipment and services for outfitting and maintaining any motor or sailing vessel, which will make owning your boat more enjoyable.

We now have a dedicated internal documentation department called DETAILS, DETAILS whose sole purpose is to help you complete the ownership process smoothly and quickly. Headed by Gaida Cabral, you can expect to find the best service with regards to evidencing ownership, title issues and general re-documentation of the vessel.


Another source we turn to with regards to Financing is Jennifer Moore with Offshore Financial, and Cindy Lewis with Newcoast Financial Services.

The following insurance companies have provided insurance for customers of 2Hulls and its Associated Companies in the past in a satisfactory manner. We make no recommendations regarding any of these companies and they are listed in no particular order:

Company Contact Phone Fax
MacPherson Insurance Agency Michael Hodnett 305-259-9889 305-259-0413
Hartge Insurance Associates Todd Hartge 410-819-0699  
Jack Martin & Associates Scott Stuscek 800-497-8101 410-626-9966
International Marine Insurance Reese Scott 410-643-8330 410-643-8331
Royal Marine Insurance Jeffrey Spector 305-477-3755 305-477-3858


Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Name Business # Fax # Cellular #
Bill Maundrle-Seager 954-527-0870   954-629-4478
Brian Stetler/Stetler Marine Serv. 561-845-7171 561-845-2329 561-845-7171
Paul Antsey Marine Surv. 954-763-8276   954-270-1949
Charles Kanter 305-743-0626    
Paul Squire 954-463-6946 954-463-4525 954-854-8181
George Harrison 888-753-8570
William Burpee 954-557-6690 954-522-8495  
Miami, Florida
Neil Maclaren 305-947-9402 305-947-9402
Randy Boyco 305-495-1533    
Boat Yard Maimi
Norseman Shipyard 305-545-6815    
British Virgin Islands
Name Business # Fax # Cellular #
Geoff Williams 284-494-0772 801-437-1925 284-499-1642,
John Hunter 540-287-5729
John Cope 284-494-3374 284-495-1684  
Bill Bailey 284-494-2091 284-494-2092 284-499-1576
Neil Bailes 284-494-2091 284-494-2092 284-499-6808
Puerto Rico
Bill Humphrey 787-390-5021    
Carlos Suaras 787-635-7030    
Annapolis. MD
Name Business # Fax # Cellular #
Hartoft Marine Survey Ltd. 410-263-3609 410-263-6580  
Robert A Noyce & Assoc. 410-263-7499 410-263-8815 410-570-4033 Nationwide
Surveyors Rhode Island
Name Business # Fax # Cellular #
Paul Brinkman   801-469-6077 401-952-3520 /
Dick Sadler 401-849-0093    
Paul Coble 401-423 1880    
Bruce Livingston 401-423-0627   401-423-2250 (home)

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