TomCat 6.2 Catamaran


Tomcat Boat Division of Strain Associates Ltd. (Canada)

Ted Strain / Tom Strain


•LOA: 20 ft. 4 in. /  6.20 m
•Beam: 11 ft. 2 in. /  3.40 m
•Draft, board up: 0 ft. 6 in. /  0.15 m
•Draft, board down: 3 ft. 6 in. /  1.07 m
•Displacement: 850 lbs /  386 kg

Builder's Remarks
The TomCat 6.2 is a day sailing/sport cruising catamaran designed for comfort, versatility and performance. Trailerable and beachable, she can go anywhere on the highway and on the water.

Fast and agile, TomCat can be single-handed or take up to eight passengers. A variety of seating options and tops are available to suit your sailing style. With the runabout option, a wheel and remote controls makes motoring on windless days, or in bad weather, a pleasure instead of a chore. Her rotating mast and fully battened main are efficient on all points of sail. A wide beam, reef points and optional water ballast system give a smooth flat ride in all normal conditions. TomCat quality and good looks will last you for years.

Design and Construction: Hulls and bridgedeck are foam core composite sandwich, vacuum bagged for strength and light weight. Hull shape has minimum wetted surface area for light wind performance and low form drag for higher wind speeds. The rig is typical beach cat, with aluminum extruded spar sections, and 3/16 stainless diamonds, shrouds, forestay and bridle. The mast is auto-rotating and the mainsail is fully battened for efficiency and easy control. The rig is deliberately conservative for a flat, stable ride---but performance is equal to the wind speed on a reach up to 10-15 knots depending on wind and wave conditions. Windshield is tempered glass and a variety of Bimini tops, rain covers, boom tents, etc. are available. NACA foil section elliptical centerboard and rudders can be raised with cockpit mounted levers or set to kick up on contact. Hulls demount on a custom trailer, a winch raises the bridgedeck, and hulls rotate and slide in below. Stowage of bridgedeck remains upright and access to hull storage is available. A reasonable time from road to sailing or back is 1.5 hours for two people. Pricing is modular---start with a basic boat and add options as you desire.