Logical 46 Brochure Extract

LOGICAL BOATS - The 46' boats with the 65' interiors.

Logical boats do more than defy conventional logic-they do the impossible. Their unique split level configurations put all the room, comfort and luxury of the conventional 65-foot single hull sailer into a 46-foot sailing yacht! So after you've compared the 46-footers to each other, compare them to the 50's, 60's, and 65 footers. When you do, you'll find your choice for a 46 foot yacht is Logical.

Main Salon: Room With a View

The only thing more spectacular than the size of our pilot-house salon (16' x 16), is its incredible, unobstructed 3600 panoramic view. Designed to be exceptionally spacious, light and luxurious, it features Teak side walls, Teak and Holly sole and high pressure laminate counter surfaces throughout. Furnishings include matching upholstered couches and teak dining table that expands to seat 11 in comfort. Of course, its 256 square feet offer plenty of room for Your own easy chairs and additional furnishings. And, at your option, we'll install a wet bar, navigation center, and/or interior helm station.

Galley: A Real Working Kitchen

A few steps down from the salon, and joined to it by a step saving serving counter, is our 9'6" x 4'6" (43 sq. ft. ) galley. U-shaped for convenience and ease, it features 14 1/2 running feet of usable counter space. Top quality appliances include illuminated, insulated 8 cu. ft. ice box; 3-burner stove with oven and broiler; and, double basin stainless steel sink.

Overhead and below counter Teak cabinets afford abundant storage. And there's more than enough room for options like a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, trash compactor- even a washer and dryer!

Staterooms: Every One a Suite

Not even the 65-footers give you this kind of space! The Teak-walled master and guest bow cabins have plush wall-to-wall carpeting and queen-sized beds. Adjoining each is a private, well ventilated bathroom. The master with illuminated tub/shower. The guest bath with illuminated stall shower. The master stateroom also comes with vanity and completely mirrored backwall. Hanging and folding storage is, of course, generous.

Aft, our extraordinary cabin space is left to your preference. If you wish, add two more staterooms each large enough for queen-sized bed plus private bath with shower. Or you can utilize the space for storage of surfboards, scuba gear, etc. Or, design an office, den, hobby room, media center, or whatever suits your needs. The options are endless-the space enormous.

And Still More Room

If all that interior room isn't enough,. step outside. Our 13'x 20'foredeck and 14'6" x 8'9" cockpit with its 22 ft. of continuous seating offer room to relax, fish or entertain in total comfort. You can also opt for twin boarding/swim platforms with stainless steel ladders that make swimming and scuba diving effortless.

Sailing Cats:

Two Hulls Are Better Than One

Logical Cats are designed to give you a lot more and a lot less-which adds up to a lot of advantages over conventional monohulls.

You get a lot more speed with a lot less sail! Logical 46'boats use less than 1/2 the sail area of a Hatteras 65', less than 2/3 of an Irwin 52', and 80% of a Bristol 45.5'monohull sail boat.

How? By getting the lead out. Twin hulls need no lead ballast. So these astonishingly spacious boats still weigh in at a remarkably trim 26,000 lbs - and sail at up to 2/3 of wind speed!

We've also dodged the draft. Each of our incredibly buoyant hulls has a mere 3'3" draft (about 1/2 of most forty-foot-plus monohulls.) And that gives you more than speed. It lets you go into shallow water safely So it's easy to beach our craft for on shore recreation, painting or repairs.

Should the winds prove fickle, auxiliary twin diesels give you power plus maneuverability With one engine in each hull, 20 feet apart, you can "spin on a dime". And with speeds in excess of 15 knots, literally run rings around the lumbering monohullers.

Cats also give you more stability- lots more. With twin hulls, rock and roll is gone to stay And heeling is practically non-existent - a mere 71 degrees. All in all, much safer and saner than conventional boats.

Smoother sailing brings other benefits in addition to safety When coupled with the Cat's wide, flat working platform it means sailing, fishing, even just walking around, are far less strenuous and fatiguing. So at day's end you're not too tired to enjoy a good meal. (Which, by the way, is much easier to prepare, serve, and eat with no rock, roll or heel.)

The sailing cats-faster, more maneuverable, more stable, and more economical. And there's more!

The Power Cats

The power cats join the strength of lions to the speed, grace and agility of jaguars.

Driven by twin 110 - 160 Horsepower Diesels, they'll do in excess of 20 knots... even more with larger engines! And the twin hulls give the same remarkable stability and maneuverability as their sailing counterparts.

What's more, they use less fuel than other power boats their size and larger. They'll consume approximately 50% of the fuel of a similar sized monohull yet cruise twice as far. Of course, for economy or in an emergency they'll run on one engine and still give you total control.

Power cats have many other advantages over conventional power boats but the one most .people appreciate is our incomparable flying bridge. Like every other area on the Logical Cats, it's big-16 feet wide by 16 feet long. 256 square feet of glorious space with a complement of waterproof molded bench seats and plenty of room for additional seating. It gives you the sun, a commanding view of the sea, and the certainty that the power boat captain will be in on all the fun.

Logical Beginnings and Logical Conclusions

Though the commercial fishing boat has been saved until the end, it's really the beginning. For that's where the Logical approach began. With the challenge of building a commercial fishing craft that was lighter, faster, capable of holding a sufficient catch, yet could actually run more safely and more efficiently

It was a challenge Bill Symons found irresistible. For years a Cat enthusiast, and recognized as the Dean of catamaran cruisers, Symons knew that many of the commercial fishing fleets had been grounded by rising fuel costs. He also knew that catamarans were the logical, perhaps the only, answer.

So together with a team of professional fishermen and engineers, headed by renowned researcher Dr. William H. Dobelle, and armed with the latest computer technology, Logical set about solving the problem. After years of study, research and analysis of the physics and geometry of catamaran sailing, they were ready to build an experimental model.

Now they called on Terry Compton, a professional yacht designer and long time believer in the untapped potential of the large catamaran. Using the engineering and computer data at hand, they were able to determine the optimum configuration for the twin hulls and cross beams-a design that would deliver maximum stability and speed, while reducing draft, rocking and heeling to an absolute minimum. (Compton also called on his own design know-how and creativity to develop the work areas, cabin and storage configurations which allowed plenty of storage and maximum stability for the commercial craft and the incredible room, comfort and luxury found on Logical's recreational and pleasure yachts.)

The design now completed on paper, it was time to build the models. And the moment of truth was at hand. Logical subjected their model cats to an exhaustive and demanding series of "tank tests". Over two million dollars was spent designing cats that could handle any sea, weather any storm, and out-perform, out-work, out-run anything of comparable size afloat.

Having succeeded on a small scale, full scale prototype test-bed models were called for. Full sized Cats that were tested and re-tested to confirm the small model findings. And again they passed with flying colors.

Finally, ready for production, Logical faced their final challenge - finding a builder with the experience, expertise and capability of producing catamarans to Logical's demanding specifications. Ultimately, and very fortunately, their search led to C&C Yachts - highly respected builders of top quality yachts.

And today, at their facility outside of Newport, R.I., C&C and Logical are engaged in building what we consider to be the safest, most stable, most economical commercial fishing, recreational sailing, and power cruising yachts in the world - the Logical Cats.