How to Buy Your Catamaran or Trimaran Multihull

 2Hulls and it's people have sold + 300 multihulls and have + 80 years sailing and selling them. We'll help you pilot the rocky shoals of buying, selling, chartering, servicing, and enjoying your multihull.

  • This is the most heavily trafficked multihull-for-sale web site available with daily exposure averaging +3,000 individual users looking at +15,000 pages. See some more facts at statistics. There aren't many brokers that are willing to post full specification sheets and images on what's for sale. Those brokers often feel that they need to tease you and get you to call so they can influence your buying track. We put it all up front.

  • We also give you +15,000 pages and images to help you in you research. Over 80% of the +18,000 files and images in this web site are in the research areas.

  • Our opt-in E-mail list has +12,000 current multihull afficionado subscribers! You'll know about important new information often by registering.

  • Our permanent, in-the-water multihull show at our dock in Ft. Lauderdale gives you the multihull exposure you need quickly. This show let's you see 9-15 catamarans and/or trimarans in one place with many more nearby. Do you know anywhere else to go do this?

  • Our participation in at least 2 major boat shows per year let's you meet us up front, get to know us, and keep us up to date on industry advances.

  • Most of all, benefit from our many years of sailing and selling catamarans and trimarans!

How to Best Use Our WWW Site As A Buyer

formamazon.gif (144 bytes)Taking the steps below will be a big help in researching, locating and acquiring a catamaran or trimaran. Don't forget to keep using your back button to come back and see your next steps!

FREE - Get your Free Consultation. Hey ... how about a free consultation to help you find that right catamaran, power catamaran or trimaran? Just complete some questions that should also help you focus in on what you really want and need. And then we'll talk if you want to. If for some reason you don't want the free consultation, then use the simple form at Sign-In to get our E-mail.

FREE - The Latest Page - Stay very, very current by "Page Watching" or making The Latest Page one of your favorites. This is our most visited page as we keep updating it almost every day with our new listings, other new multiple brokerage listings, price reductions, web changes and links to the most current news stories featuring multihulls. You should check this page often.

FREE - Read our article on "What to Expect from a Brokerage Transaction"  This article should really help you understand the brokerage process and how to do it right.

FREE - Read about using us as a New Boat Buyer's Agent. If you are considering buying a new catamaran or trimaran, don't miss this.

FREE - The Resources. By far the largest section of this web site, these research resources comprise +10,000 pages and images of catamaran and trimaran information. Research individual models in The Gallery. Look at even more boat information and images in What's Been Sold. Check out our Articles. Ask Experts. Have some fun in Virtuosity.

FROM $29.00  -  Subscribe to Multihulls Magazine  This magazine has been the main-stay of would-be owners and owners of catamaran and trimaran multihulls for years. Lot's of articles, reviews, and classifieds.

APPROX. $23.96  -  Buy the Sailor's Multihull Guide - To the World of Cruising Catamarans & Trimarans   This is an extremely useable guide to not just multihull techniques and information but also to the models themselves, featuring layouts and profiles on many, many multihull models. We are fortunate to have been allowed to use some of the model information present in this book in our Gallery.

????????Now visit our bookstore for more of our picks. You'll also see Amazon picking other books for you to consider based on what you all have been ordering from this site. And consider the music we have been sailing with for years!

???????? - Multihulls For Sale - the most expensive step, find the right catamaran or trimaran from the hundreds available. Don't forget that we will be there to help with all of the myriad difficult details and steps in picking, surveying, and registering your multihull.

???????? - The World's Largest, Permanent, In-The-Water Catamaran Show.
The final must on your list is to visit our docks, the only place you can see +15 catamaran & trimarans at one time. We will meet you on the dock 9-4, Monday - Saturday, six days a week, with Holidays and Sundays by appointment only if it is possible for our brokers. While it is not required, it's a big help to call ahead and let us know you are coming.

We don't ever want this process and our advanced use of
electronic paraphernalia to seem impersonal or cold. So...if you
would like to...please call us at any time at 954-525-3326 or
let us know when and where to call you.

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